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Spoken English

How to speak English fluently? This is a million dollar question for many people of Bangladeshi. Being a foreign language, it is a bit tricky to gain efficiency in speaking English. Our spoken English classes in Cambridge Academy Bangladesh attempt to bring a solution with a great difference.

If you think your inability to speak English fluently is hindering your path to success, meet us now. We provide best spoken English classes for learners of any age. Various programs are designed to meet the demands of beginners and intermediates. We enable learners to communicate in the English language in day to day life.

Spoken English Courses

Our spoken English courses are not only designed to increase your fluency. The courses are also well-structured to increase your grammatical ability, pronunciations, and vocabulary. The structure and syllabus are focussed on enabling candidates to communicate confidently in the real world.

1. Beginners Course

The beginner’s course for spoken English aims at teaching those who are completely novice. It covers basics of English language speaking. It helps amateurs to understand simple English in the day to day activities.

2. Elementary and Intermediate Level Course

If you are already familiar with the English language but not a very good speaker, this is the best course for you. Improve your speaking abilities by increasing your grammatical skills and vocabulary.

3. Advanced Course in Spoken English

The advanced course helps you to become a polished English speaker from an average speaker. The course offers greater career benefits and enables you to speak at orientation, presentations, and meetings.

Why Enroll for Spoken English Classes

We all know how important it is to know English. Whether you are a student or working person or an entrepreneur, its importance is crucial. It increases your chances to perform better in professions and business. As for employees, you have greater opportunities in working with top reputed companies.

The spoken English courses in Cambridge Academy Bangladesh (CAB) offered by us provide the best platform for the students as well other professionals. English is prevalent worldwide and a common language binding communities.

Benefits of English Speaking-

  • Social and Cultural Benefits
  • Career Benefits
  • Professional Benefits

It is equally important in Bangladesh due to its wide use as an official language. All the fields like marketing, production, media, entertainment, education, fashion, and healthcare require knowledge of English. If you possess a good language of English, you can communicate with your clients in a better way. You can also have a greater access to the information as vast information is available in the English language.

Besides professional and career benefits, spoken English training helps you to earn rather personal benefits. It gives you a better social and professional image and builds your confidence. You can meet different people belonging to different cultures and regions. Communication becomes diverse with knowledge of the language which is widely used in the offices. You can perform better in events and presentation with your increased knowledge and confidence.

Feel free to visit us and meet our consultants. Enroll in the most suitable course as per your skills and requirements. Students have limitless career benefits with improved English speaking skills.